About us

Ours is a small but experienced and highly skilled team of engineers who have a deep understanding of aircraft structures. Our appreciation for aircraft structures is both broad and deep. That has allowed us to zoom in and out of a problem and find solutions.

Our services

How do we earn our bread?

We offer a range of services that include structural design, static and damage tolerance analysis (DTA) for aerospace structures. We have worked for different OEMs on the CRJ series, Boeing B787, Airbus A320, A380 aircrafts across the complete life cycle of aircrafts starting from preliminary design, critical design, certification and in-service engineering.
While the meat of our experience has been on metallic structures, we are in the process of developing our skills on the composite side as well.

What keeps us going ?

We are as curious as kids, not afraid to question age old traditions, try out new ones and are almost paranoid about learning. (Just like kids, we are also noisy!)
Never ever afraid to say we don’t know but always willing to learn and test theories.
At our core, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients by delivering solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
If something is not working as expected (as it does at some point), we will tell you at the earliest opportunity. No surprises of the unpleasant kind!!!
PS: We generally tend to underestimate our skills, so we may first come across as timid characters. But, over a coffee, you will be forced to change your initial impressions. And yes, we love our south Indian filter kaapi!

Our Clients

Yes, we know this page looks a little empty but hey, having one satisfied client is better than a few not so satisfied ones!! 
We are sure we will add more here!

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